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Riddle of Occlumency

The Self-Writing Parchment

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Hermione spends her free time working on her Occlumency and trying to solve the problem of the mirrors. However, a troublesome visit from Belinda with horrible news for Cillian could have been disastrous for Hermione.

Alternate Universe

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A huge thank you to Dungeon_Butterfly and DutchessOfArcadia for reading this over for me and helping me clean up my mistakes. I really appreciate the beta help. Thank you very much. Also, smooches and a big thank you to duch*essOfArcadia for my lovely banner! I really love it, doll.

I added child torture because the punishments will start to become more severe. Not too bad, but some of the stuff mentioned by Neville in DH will be described or mentioned.


<p>Riddle of Occlumency</p> (1)

~o 23 o~

Riddle of Occlumency

"We've looked through every book there is," Ginny whined as she closed the book she'd been reading.

"I've spent weeks reading every entry in the books concerning Protean and Conjointment Charms, trying to find any way to combine the two spells on a pair of mirrors," Hermione said, sitting back on her heels. "Well, when I wasn't writing essays or revising for classes or presented before Vol – er – the Dark Lord. I'm certain that this is the answer." She showed Ginny the old Charms book she'd inadvertently taken from Severus' house as well as one of the books from the sitting room.

Ginny opened the book up to the marker. "Hermione, are you sure this is the answer?"

Hermione nodded. "I have compared several different variations, and I know – okay, think it should work, but I have no way of finding out without mirrors and my wand."

"You could use mine," Ginny offered, handing back the book.

"Muggle mirrors."

"Oh, yeah." Ginny's eyes glazed slightly as she stared at the bookshelf behind Hermione. "Are you sure they have to be Muggle?"

"Gin, we have to be able to link the mirrors across long distances, kilometers, possibly across the country. The strongest version, well according to the books, counteracts with the typical magic used on wizarding mirrors. It clearly states an 'uncharmed object,' and, in magical mirrors, the charms are used in the making of the mirrors. Plus, the Conjointment Charm won't work with most metals. Silver is best, but most mirrors have silver nitrate or aluminum. And the Protean Charm doesn't work on glass."

"So, until we get the mirrors, we won't know if they'll work. I wish Harry had his dad's mirror. That would've helped. At least we'd know what type worked."

Professor Snape entered the room and leaned against the entry.

"My cue to go," Ginny said, collecting all her things in a hurry. "Do you have any books that need to be returned to the library?"

Hermione shook her head, laughing. "Nope."

"Miss Weasley," he said as he crossed the room.

"Headmaster," Ginny answered politely. Hermione rose and walked with her to the office. She hugged Hermione, whispering, "We'll figure this out," in her ear. "I can always ask Dad – or Fred and George."

"Let's leave them out of it for now," Hermione said, letting go of her friend. "When you talk to Luna, ask her if she's done with the book."

Ginny smiled at their code for updating Luna on what they'd found. "Will do."

Hermione watched the door close behind her and returned to the sitting room. She knew what awaited her, a half hour of Legilimency torture, Professor Snape's version of Occlumency lessons. Last time, she'd managed to close a mental 'door' a few times on her more embarrassing memories like she had when the Dark Lord had invaded her mind. But Snape had merely laughed and forced his way through the door, making her want to scream in frustration.

She'd been practicing, trying to clear her mind, attempting to empty the jumble of thoughts and emotions surging through her while soaking in the tub and occasionally during her breaks between lessons. That was if she could find a quiet place to not think. But she just couldn't close her emotions off. She could segregate them, categorize them, even compartmentalize them, but not be rid of them. It was frustrating her to no end.

Only fifteen minutes into the lesson and Hermione was in tears. "You're not trying," he said after breaking contact.

"You're dredging up my nightmares!" she wailed back at him and wiped her cheeks with her sleeve.

He handed her a handkerchief. "You're letting me. Would you prefer me to evaluate your romance with the Bulgarian Quidditch player?"

"If that will make you happy – sure!" she said, grabbing the cloth. She threw herself on the sofa. "My head hurts."

"The Dark Lord would not care if your head hurt," he said calmly.

She hated it when he was calm, especially when she wanted to yell at him. "He's never been this... forceful before."

"He hasn't needed to be. You've shown him exactly what he wanted to see," he snapped at her. "Not that I didn't think you would."

"Yeah, every memory of Harry screwing up!" she said and blew her nose.

He crossed his arms. "Is that what he wanted last time?"

"No, last time he wanted to see how I'm doing in school and my memories that included Draco," she answered, holding out the cloth.

He cleaned it with a flick of his wand, then crossed his arms again. "Keep it. Why you never have one on you when you cry is beyond me." He raised one arm and stroked his bottom lip. "Potter's ineptitude at performing spellwork, his inability at brewing potions, your aptitude with your lessons, and your friendship with Draco. Nothing else?"

She shook her head. "I was worried he'd see my Occlumency lessons, but he didn't want to see our private moments."

"But he was interested in how you've been getting along with Draco?" Severus asked thoughtfully, staring at the wall behind her.

"Yes. I've been doing what you wanted of me, I'm befriending him." Hermione had made allowances, such as being Draco's partner in Herbology, but only if he promised to be nice and polite to Neville. In Potions, she shared a worktable with him and Goyle, and she saved him a seat beside her whenever she was in the library, but he had to be polite to her friends. But that was as far as she'd go. Draco seemed to take the olive branch she was giving him and stopped pestering her in Charms and Transfiguration. Nevertheless, he still insisted on walking with her between lessons, especially if they were going to the same classes.

"And I appreciate the effort. How is your hand?" he asked.

"It's better, thank you." Ever since Halloween, Alecto had been using a new disciplinary tactic; she carried a type of ridding crop in her hand that was as flexible as a whip, striking the back of the hands of anyone who irritated her in class or in the corridors. Likewise, Amycus carried a thin, ruler-like piece of wood, about two and a half inches wide and twelve inches long, to whack the knuckles of the students that aggravated him. Of course, that mostly meant the Gryffindors. It was becoming commonplace to see Gryffindor students of all levels with their hands wrapped up with bandages soaked with Murtlap Essence.

She sighed and stood up. "I'm ready to try again."

"Legilimens," he said, before she even finished her sentence.


The small bell on his desk chimed, indicating that someone was seeking admittance at the gargoyle. Severus touched the bell and heard the stairs moving. A moment later, a rapid tapping announced the visitor. He looked at the clock and knew that Hermione would be back soon. "Come," he called out. He was not the least bit pleased to see Belinda enter his office.

"Severus, darling," she said, sauntering up to him.

"Belinda." He moved away from her when she leaned down to kiss him. "What brings you to see me," he said softly, his annoyance clear in his voice. He dipped his quill and continued writing the response to Umbridge's insistence about reinstating her decrees.

She sat on the corner of the desk, leaning forward, offering him a view of her breasts. "I came by to see my little brother, of course. Being able to spend time with you is an added bonus."

"I'm busy," he said coolly.

"Oh, don't be like that," she purred, running a hand on his arm. "We had some good times, you and me. Don't you want that again?"

Severus dislodged her hand. "Belinda, you'd told me that you and Horrance were separated. However, he had merely been in Italy, dissolving his late brother's estate." He affixed the school seal on the bottom of the page by his signature.

"For a year and a half, and leaving me all by my lonesome here in dreary, old London," she cooed as she watched him fold his parchment.

"And led me to believe you were a single witch," he said tartly as he reached for the sealing wax. With a small flick of his finger, a flame erupted on the end of it, and he allowed the wax to drip onto the parchment.

"Now, would you have entertained me if you had known?" she said with a pout and reached up to touch his hair.

Severus jerked his head from her fingers as he sealed the correspondence with his signet ring. "Absolutely not." He set the letter aside and laced his fingers together as looked at her with the cool detachment he'd used so effectively as a professor. "You could've gone and enjoyed the entertainments of Italy."

"Why would I do that when I can enjoy the entertainments here instead?" she asked, leaning toward him.

"Belinda, I'm married," he said, blocking her hand with his.

"You're hand-fasted, and, after the end of the year, the Dark Lord plans on giving your toy to Lestrange to play with," she said with a pout.

Severus allowed his hair to fall over his face to hide the anger he couldn't suppress at the statement.

"Surely, you don't want to keep the Mudblood?" she asked, placing her hand on her chest in shock. "It's got to be so hard for you, night after night, having her in your bed. At least you can vent out your frustrations by using the girl. But I hate to think of you meeting your needs on such filth, whether it is given or not."

"Enough, Belinda," he growled, his voice a deep warning resonance.

"All we'd have to do is open my robes and free yourself," she purred, slowly undoing the buttons on her robe. "Wouldn't you like to take me here on your desk?"

"I wasn't aware that you were into exhibitionism," he sneered and swept his hand at the portraits in the room. "These walls have eyes, or haven't you noticed the portraits." He thought that he heard the stairs moving and prayed that he was right. "Cover yourself up!" he snapped as Cillian opened the door for Hermione. She took two steps into the room and froze, making Cillian collide into her back. Belinda turned to smile sneeringly at Hermione before demurely clasping at her robes.

Severus pushed himself away from the desk and stood, hoping that Hermione was smart enough to realize he hadn't wanted any part of what Belinda was offering, but keeping the sneer firmly in place. Hermione glared at him and hurried across the office, heading for the stairs. Severus moved quickly, intercepting her before she reached them. "It's not what you think," he hissed softly.

"What exactly is there to misinterpret? I'm not blind, and I'm not stupid. She's undressing in your office, so I presume that she's throwing herself at you," Hermione said softly, indicating Belinda with a sweep of her hand, who was now arguing with Cillian. "Pardon me for interrupting. I just wanted to exchange my books."

"I didn't want you to think I am..." Severus looked up and sighed. Belinda had thankfully buttoned up her robes. "That was unwanted attention. I did not encourage her nor invite her to be here," he said quietly, his tone harsh because of his frustration. "I am not having an affair with her. Stay, please, until Cillian and I can get rid of her. There is nothing going on that you cannot be witness to."

Hermione nodded and followed him to the desk, dropping her bag in a chair.

"Don't lie to me, Bell. If you had, you would've owled me, not simply sauntered up here to seduce Severus," Cillian snarled.

Belinda waved her hand as if to brush him off and picked up Hermione's bag, casually dumping it on the floor. "Severus and I are long time, well-acquainted friends," she said, sitting in the chair and setting her bag on the floor beside her chair. "Besides, my Avion is busy delivering the invites for my tea this weekend."

Cillian crossed his arms and glared at her. "So, you just stopped by to say hello. Is that it?"

"Of course, dear brother," she replied, rummaging through her bag, picking up what looked suspiciously like a daily planner. "Now where is my quill? Oh, here." She looked up and beamed at Cillian. "Besides, I have good news, baby brother. The Roquewoods have agreed to a union between you and their daughter. The Dark Lord approves."

Cillian turned away, swearing, and Severus glared at her.

"I thought you'd be happy. She's a delightful girl. She's well off, attractive, the right sort," Belinda said, pulling a letter from her bag and glancing at Hermione. "We can set the date, and you can give up babysitting this..."

"I don't care for the girl," Cillian sneered, cutting off his sister before she truly insulted Hermione.

"Cillian is here by my request, and his position was approved by the Dark Lord," Severus stated sternly. He smiled at Hermione briefly, trying to reassure her.

"Other arrangements can be made," Belinda said coyly. "There are a number of his followers that could hold reign on your little Mudblood – Dolohov or Macnair for instance. They are currently available."

Severus had noticed Hermione wince from the mention of those particular Death Eaters. He walked up and slammed his fist down on the desk, rattling his inkwell and making Hermione flinch, but Belinda only smiled. "I will bring this matter up with the Dark Lord, Belinda. And you will not come here without notice, is that understood? You are not banned from the castle, but this is a school – not a social club. You will send Cillian or I notice before you make any future visits. And you will not bother me in my office unless you have an appointment. Do I make myself clear?"

"If I want to visit my brother, I will do so," Belinda said as she lifted her bag onto her lap and shoved the planner back in among the contents. "Besides, I couldn't wait to give my darling brother the good news of his impending betrothal."

Severus stepped over to Belinda, grasped her arm and pulled her from the chair. "You had best go. Cillian will walk you to the gate."

"Well, I never!" Belinda huffed, jerking her arm free of his grasp. She squared her shoulders and held her head high as she turned and stormed out the door.

"I'll be back," Cillian stated and ran after his sister.

Hermione grabbed her bag and practically ran as she headed for the stairs.

"Hermione?" Severus called out after her. He punched his desk once more to get his emotions under control before he went up to speak to her. The last thing he needed was for her to be mad because of Belinda's actions. He counted to ten slowly, then turned. The portraits were all awake, several starting to give him their opinion on what had happened. "Not now!" he snapped.

"Severus, Dolohov and Macnair must not be allowed in the castle," Dumbledore's image stated urgently.

"I am aware of that!" Severus snapped irritably. "Dolohov hates Hermione more than Rowle and Travers, and I know about Macnair's penchant for knives and his proclivities toward young witches! Excuse me; I have a witch to console." He crossed the room and ascended the stairs to search for Hermione.

He was momentarily startled when Peren appeared as soon as he reached the top of stairs to the sitting room, her ears drooping and wringing her hands. "What is it, Peren?"

"It's my mistress, sir. She is staring at a book, sir," the elf said, taking a few steps forward. "I can'ts gets her to let its go, sir."

"She is probably revising, Peren," he said, sighing. If she's sulking that would be bad, unless she's simply revising... maybe she's not upset with me.

"Oh, no, sir. Peren finds ugly book. I tries to warn my mistress, but she – she – she can'ts put naughty book down to answer Peren."

Severus hurried past Peren and ran up to the bedroom. Hermione was on her knees, entranced by thin book held open in her hands. "Hermione?" he asked, walking over to her.

She didn't respond or move a muscle. Her cat was circling her, making annoying growling and hissing noises.

"Hermione, talk to me," he demanded. He tried to pull the book from her grasp and felt a jolt shoot up his arm. The color of her skin was starting to pale, yet she didn't waver at all. He drew his wand, running through a series of identifying spells as he repeatedly called out her name. Finally, the wand tip glowed red. A few more flicks and he identified the Incapacitation Curse infused with the Enrapture Curse and the Assiduous-Immersion Curse. "sh*te," he swore, weaving a complex series of charms over Hermione's body. He managed to reverse the Assiduous-Immersion Curse easily, as it was the weakest of the three. He then focused his attention on drawing the influence of the Incapacitation Curse back into her arms and down to her wrists with a purging counter-curse. "Peren, when I release her, she might collapse on the floor. I don't want her to hit her head."

Peren moved into place, and Severus increased his determination, concentrating on strengthening his counter-curse as he drew the spell into her hands. Her hands shook violently as the magic struggled against his charm.

Hermione looked up, her eyes pleading with him as he forced the Incapacitation Curse into the book and kicked it out of her hands. Severus swished his wrist, sending the book flying into the fireplace. The book emitted a thick, sickly fume, and Severus grabbed Hermione's wrist, dragging her from the room, ignoring her cries of pain. "Peren, help her, send for Draco, and get some elves up here to help you air out the room," he snarled as he strode across the sitting room and bounded down the stars. He was hoping that Belinda hadn't left yet as he jumped from stair landing to stair landing and ran from the castle.

Cillian was on his way back up to the castle by the time he was out on the grounds. Severus grabbed his arm, turning his friend around to go with him as he told him about the book. Cillian swore and took off running for the gates, Severus right beside him.

"I'm not sure, but it's possible. But when? In your office? She wouldn't dare be that bold. You – we were right there," Cillian said as they ran.

"Has anyone been in the bedroom but us?" Severus asked. He scowled when they were near enough to see the gates.

"House-elves and possibly her two friends... but the girls stay in the sitting room. Frankly, I haven't seen anyone in the castle with a grudge against her except the Carrows and our fellow Death Eaters," Cillian said, running a hand through his hair and scanning the grounds for any sign of his sister. "A few students, Crabbe, Goyle, Bulstrode, and Parkinson, they don't like her... but they've never been in your tower."

Severus turned to look at the Headmaster's tower, noticing that the windows were all open. "Could it possibly have come by owl?"

"Maybe. I doubt it. All mail is checked by the Heads of House before delivery – well, except for morning post."

"I may have to change that," Severus said, pursing his lips in annoyance.

"You mean have all the mail inspected?" Cillian asked with a smirk.

"Umbridge did that once. Things still got through," he said and considered it anyway. "I wonder if I should get Hermione a Sneakoscope?"

Cillian laughed at him. "Once she stepped a foot away from the office into the school, the thing would go off until she returned," he scoffed.

Severus knew he was right; it would only be a nuisance. He'd have to rely on warning her about checking objects before picking them up. Might be a good thing for the Charms Club to learn.

"Is Hermione all right?"

"I caught it before the spells made her go rigid. But if it hadn't been for her house-elf... I managed to draw the curses back into the book and burnt it, but I will check her again just in case." He cursed himself for being so lax. He regretted burning the book, but once a cursed item had hold of the unsuspecting victim, the only way to ensure that the item wouldn't lure the victim back under its influence was to destroy it. "But until I know how she got the book, I don't know how to prevent another similar occurrence. I can put spells on the windows to prevent owls to enter, except the one in my office, and put Peren on notice for suspicious objects..."

"I'll be more attentive to her book bag and try to see if anyone looks at her with animosity," Cillian said, sighing heavily. "But I can't believe Bell would be so bold as to make an attempt on her life so blatantly. I mean, even under the Dark Lord's regime, that is attempted murder – and the Dark Lord wants the girl alive! Her other attempts were subtle and anonymous."

Severus nodded. "The gown and the pearls – Draco told me." He was certain that Belinda was no longer on the grounds. "Why in bloody horntails is your sister so persistent? It wasn't that great."

Cillian smirked. "Well, according to the gossip I picked up, you are incredible: abilities, techniques, unnaturally attentive and intuitive, and you can go for hours," he said and took a step back in case Severus tried to hex him, smiling at Severus' stony glare. "At least that was what was said about you at tea. Of course, Belinda never said names, but if you recall Roxanna Lamont became quite interested in you..."

"Enough," Severus growled. "I'm nothing of the sort!" He turned to go back to the castle. "She's an unsatisfied, posh, pure-blood housewitch who married an older wizard for his money. We both know that." He ignored Cillian's look of derision. "Thank you. But this isn't over. If it was her, she'll try again. I only hope that all future attempts are as futile and inept."

When Severus and Cillian entered his sitting room, they both started laughing at the humorous sight of six house-elves, each with their heads incased in huge bubbles, dusting off every surface of the room. Even her cat, busily grooming himself after he'd apparently been given a bath, was encased in a bubble. Hermione turned, her own face distorted with a bubble. Two elves were dumping something that looked like purple dust into a magical bin.

"There is an easier way," he suggested. He drew his wand, and Hermione hurried over to him.

"No!" she shouted, holding up her hand to stop him. "Evacuation and cleaning charms only made the smoke denser! Peren tried that, hence the purple dust everywhere. We are sweeping up the dust up by hand!"

It was hard to hear her through the bubble.

She indicated the bubble around her head. "Sorry, the dust made us all wheeze. Draco had to go to the hospital wing."

Severus took her hand and pulled her to him. "Peren, can you and the others cope without my wife?"

"Yes, Headmaster, master, sir," Peren shouted through her bubble as several of the others nodded.

Severus tugged on her hand, led her to his office and ended the Bubble-Head Charm. "How do you feel?" he asked, checking her hands and arms for any sign of the curse. She was lucky. Her skin, though slightly a pale, grayish tinge, was warm, and her capillary refill in her fingernails was good. "You had a very close call."

She shivered and wrapped her arms around her as if cold. "I know, I felt like I was being smothered and drained at the same time. If you hadn't come..."

"You'd be dead," he finished for her. "The spells on the book were the Incapacitation Curse, which drains your magical power, weakens you while the Enrapture Curse prevents you from fighting it. The book also had the Assiduous-Immersion Curse. From now on, Hermione, don't open or pick up a strange object unless either Cillian or I check it."

"But, it was only a book," she protested, continuing even though he was about to explain that books could be very dangerous. "It looked exactly like one I had borrowed from the library, until I opened it. Then the pages... There was something odd about the pages. I didn't have to turn them, the words changed as I read."

"Peren told me that she told you not to pick up the book," Severus said, narrowing his eyes in confusion. "Why didn't' you listen to her?"

"It was – I thought that maybe I had forgotten to return it," she said, her shoulders slumping in defeat. "I thought it was the book on divining runes – or until I opened it."

"Where was the book when you found it?" Cillian asked.

Hermione turned to him. "On the floor."

"So," Cillian said, turning to Severus, "it could have come by owl then."

"I thought it had fallen from my bag," Hermione stated. "I threw my bag on the floor by the bed because I was angry. I had to pick up the things that had fallen out and the book was there – on the floor. I thought it had fallen out of my bag."

"So we are back to either Belinda, another student, or an owl delivery. I think we can rule out the Carrows," Cillian stated with a smirk.

Severus nodded thoughtfully. "Or one of the others." He called for Peren, and when the small elf arrived, he asked for Hermione's and Cillian's cloaks. Severus turned to Hermione. "You and Cillian are going to go visit Hagrid for an hour or two. I have some work to do."


Hermione found out just how bad the Incapacitation Curse was. The next day when Cillian had returned her wand to her for her Charms lesson, she had immediately felt a difference. Her wand had felt inert in her hand, and she hadn't had any strength behind her charms. Draco had also seemed to notice and had stayed close to her, even attending the lessons they didn't normally have together. When Cillian had escorted Hermione back to the Headmaster's tower, he'd stayed to have drinks with Snape. Hermione had watched them, but they simply turned to face the window and lowered their voices.

She hadn't been allowed to attend Charms Club on Tuesday. Instead, she'd found herself surrounded by Miss Glenwrythe's friends in a cozy corner of the bailey, laughing and gossiping about various articles in the wizarding magazines, with Cillian standing guard several feet away. At least they hadn't talked about Quidditch the whole time. Hermione now realized that the Slytherin girls were divided into two groups: Pansy Parkinson's circle or Glenwynn Glenwrythe's. That night, until she and Professor Snape retired for bed, Cillian and Severus had sat across the sitting room by the windows while Hermione had revised at the coffee table. Hermione had observed them with furtive sly glances, admiring the relaxed and easy comradeship they had with interest

Wednesday, as she'd passed Nott and Goyle in the corridor just before Muggle Studies, Goyle had hit Hermione with an Antlers Hex, which had given her six pairs of antlers. She'd had to stay in the hospital until dinner. On Friday, someone had hit her with a Tripping Hex just before Defense, and Cillian had carried her up to the hospital wing to have her ankle checked. Since Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott were on the stairs behind her, she had no idea which of them cast the hex. But judging by Crabbe's laughter, Goyle's glare at Nott, Nott's dark frown in her direction, and Draco's hissed chastisem*nt of his friends, she had a pretty good idea of who'd done it, either Crabbe or Nott.

Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott were given detention with Amycus. However, Amycus only had them sipping on firewhisky in his office and telling Muggle jokes, according to the portrait image of a sexy bar wench that hung in his office. Professor Snape had been furious, but only thanked Tiffney for her assistance, then told her to keep vigilant and keep him appraised.

That Saturday, however, Professor Snape had a meeting with the Board of Governors at the Ministry of Magic, so Hermione decided to spend her time in the library. She was halfway through her Herbology essay when her curiosity got the best of her, and she asked Cillian how he'd met Professor Snape.

"Severus is only about five years older than I am, remember? He was in his sixth-year when I started school," Cillian stated. He was lounging casually in a chair next to the cubical desk Hermione was using, one ankle perched on his knee and holding a book on his leg.

She liked this desk; it was beside a window. She turned slightly to face him. "So you met when you were students."

"Yes, of course we met at school. But my first two years, he was always revising, brewing, or reading and didn't want anything to do with me. Besides, I had my own friends," he said, looking up from his book.

"So I don't get it, when did you become friends?" she asked, twirling her quill in her fingers.

"My sixth year," he said with a grin. "I remember when he first started teaching..."

"You were his student? He befriended you when he was teaching?" she asked, amazed that that's when it started.

Cillian chuckled softly. "When he came back, he was my Potions professor and Head of House. I was impressed. Severus was well connected, respected, and obviously knowledgeable since he was hired to teach so soon after leaving Hogwarts. Besides, I thought it a quill in my cap to have my Potions professor and Head of House as a friend. It took a while, but he warmed up to the idea."

She couldn't help but stare at him in amazement. "Somehow, I can't see him befriending one of his students like that. I can't fathom Severus Snape, my stern, aloof Potions professor, befriending a student. At least not while he was his student."

Cillian laughed at her. "Nah, I was a nuisance," he said, closing his book. "I used to go talk to him in his office. He couldn't get rid of me. Of course it helped that I was a Prefect, but I know he found my presence annoying until he got accustomed to it. He was really easy to relate to. I looked up to him, but I think saw him more as an equal. He's brilliant, very well read, and really knows a lot about a lot of things. Besides, we actually have a lot in common."

Hermione glanced at the book on his lap. It was a book on reversing Dark Arts spells she'd read as soon as she'd started her fifth-year, knowing that the Dark Lord had come back. "You like the Dark Arts?"

"Yes, I like the Dark Arts. They're enthralling and powerful. I wanted to know all about them. I wanted to be a great wizard. I wanted power, Hermione, and knowledge. I grew up with a sizable library in my father's study, dueling instructors, tutors, all the advantages. I wanted to know all the spells – not so much the theory – just how to do them. Severus liked the theories. Man, the debates we'd have," he said, chuckling softly again. "We developed a comradeship and friendship as my school years went on." He smiled and caressed the book. "Can you imagine having to have to talk to a guy only five years older than you about career options, girl problems? Heck, we even discussed a few of his girl problems."

She looked at him incredulously, hardly believing that Professor Snape had girl problems like Cillian was suggesting.

"Yes, Hermione, some Slytherin girls saw him as powerful, connected, and in position to get them what they wanted. He's always had trouble with girls," Cillian said, smirking at her, his brown eyes full of mirth.

"It's hard to believe, I mean, he never seems all that – social," she said, dropping her quill.

He flicked his wand to retrieve it for her. "Oh, he's social – but never with a female under his charge. Although you're right, he didn't socialize with the students like Professor Slughorn does."

"What was he like as a student?" she asked.

"I told you. He was quiet, studious, and was always reading or brewing something or another. He hated the Golden Boys of Gryffindor as he called some of them: Potter, Black, that werewolf, Lupin, and that vermin, Pettigrew. Dumbledore's favorite four. Well, actually, ol' Dumbledore had six, I believe. Evans and MacDonald were always hanging around them. Oh, and Jones from Hufflepuff, her, too. Of course you're a Gryffindor and one of the Golden Trio, I believe he calls you and your two friends – and a royal pain in the pants. You never really bothered to get to know him, did you?"

"He never wanted to get to know me," she said, watching the edge of the feather as she slid the quill between her fingers. "From my first day in class he called me a silly girl and an insufferable know-it-all... I tried so hard to impress him, but I never could. Nothing I did was ever good enough."

"You're wrong!"

Hermione looked up, catching his grin.

"Oh man, you really – you don't know. He talks about you all the time... The things he's told me," Cillian said. "Is that why you never say his name; you only see him as your professor?"

"I call him by his name!" she said, sitting up a bit straighter at the odd question.

"No, you don't. I've never heard you call him Severus," Cillian said, laughing. "You call him sir or professor and refer to him as Professor Snape, but never Severus."

"He hasn't given me leave to," she said in stunned disbelief at his suggestion that she should use his given name.

"You're his wife – you're in his bed... What? Do you want permission to? Do you expect him to tell you it's all right?" Cillian asked, and she looked at him, stunned. "You do, don't you? Merlin, girl! Look, Hermione, he loves you."

Hermione turned her head, staring blankly at the wall as she considered what he was saying.

"Don't scoff, he does."

Hermione's head snapped back, and she looked him in the eyes.

"I've seen how he looks at you and how he glares when any other man pays attention to you – well, except for Flitwick and Hagrid. Incredibly enough, he's even jealous of Neville Longbottom," Cillian stated, smirking at her.

"No, he's not!" she exclaimed, thinking he was daft if he thought Professor Snape, no, Severus, was jealous of Neville.

"You don't see it? Blimey, you're blind, girl!" he scoffed at her, shaking his head.

Her eyes narrowed at him. "If he's so jealous of every guy I talk to, then why isn't he jealous of you? Or Draco? I spend more time with you than anyone – even him."

"We've been friends for ages; we've built a trust," Cillian stated then turned his head. "Besides, I have a girl." He turned back to look at her. "He knows that he can trust me, and Draco isn't interested in you like that. Just think about it, all right. Finish your essay."

Hermione picked up her quill and stared at her parchment, her mind mulling over what he'd just said. She realized that he might be right. She'd try using Severus' name and see how he reacted. It couldn't hurt.

That night when she returned to the tower, she casually said, "Hello, Severus. I'll be down for dinner in a minute," as she passed his desk.

His head jerked up at the sound of his name, but other than that he'd only nodded and watched her walk away. When she came down, he was reading a very long scroll of parchment. "Severus, are you ready? I could..."

He turned to look at her sharply, and she felt her cheeks warm up. "I mean, I can wait if you're not ready."

"No, I can finish this after dinner," he said, letting go of the scroll. It jumped in the air, rolled itself back up and landed softly on his desk. He led her to her usual place beside her friends and walked away.

After dinner, he caught up to her, Cillian, and Ginny in the Entrance Hall. "I'm going to revise with Ginny tonight, if that's all right?"

"Fine. I'll see you before curfew," he said curtly and strode off.

"What was that about?" Ginny asked.

Hermione shrugged. "I don't know."

It had taken a bit of coaxing, but finally Cillian agreed to let Hermione go up to Ginny's room.

"I found it," Ginny stated as she flounced down on her bed.

Hermione was adding a note at the bottom of Ginny's letter to her parents, telling them she was all right and that Severus was being nice to her. "Found what exactly?"

"Actually, Luna found it." Ginny pulled out several old book-lending cards. "They have Sirius Black's and James Potter's names on them."

Hermione gasped when she read the titles on the card heading. "I have this book and this one... and... Ginny, I have these books in my bedroom!"

"So we can make them, right? You found the spell?" Ginny asked excitedly.

Hermione shook her head. "Spells, two, the Protean and Conjointment Charms. But I can't figure out how to combine them, and I don't have two identical mirrors. That's the key though; they need to be the same."

Ginny leaned back against her pillows, deep in thought. "When I go home for Christmas, I can talk Dad into taking me to a Muggle store to get some. Are they expensive in Muggle shops?"

"No, but I suggest that you get what's called a compact. It's a mirror in a plastic case like a clamshell, sort of. The mirror would be protected somewhat," Hermione said as she thought things out. "I will want one... no, you should have it. Less suspicious than if I do, and one for Harry."

"I think you should have one, me, Neville, Seamus, Luna and Michael, and Susan and Ernie, that way we have all the houses covered," she listed off the key members of the DA on her fingers. "So, that's ten."

"That's too many! They only work between each other, as in a pair," Hermione said, astounded by her suggestion.

"Oh, and Jenny wants one. That would be twelve, her and Colin," Ginny reminded her. "She's joined the DA by the way."

Hermione was stunned. "You're still recruiting?"

"Of course, and growing," Ginny said proudly.

"How many?"

"Nine so far, but I think there are six more," Ginny said, grinning. "Mostly from my year and fifth."

"You're holding meetings?" Hermione asked aghast, wondering why she hadn't heard anything.

Ginny shook her head. "Not exactly. So far, the Heads of Houses are in Charms Club with us, and they teach what we learn to the others in their common rooms. If there are meetings, only the Heads get together. You've seen us, intermingling in the library or in the empty classrooms. Neville and I arranged it; every one of us is seeing someone from a different house, so being together isn't suspicious."

"Don't tell me anymore!" Hermione said, covering her ears and closing her eyes.

Ginny pulled her hands down, laughing at her.

Hermione grasped her hands. "Gin, at Christmas I'm bound to be summoned by the Dark Lord. If he sees this in my mind – you're sunk!" She jumped up from the bed. "I have to go! I'll see you tomorrow." Hermione bounded down the stairs, catching Cillian's attention when she jumped off the last step and motioned him to follow her. "I have to ask Sev-Professor Snape something!" she told him before scrambling though the portrait hole. She ran all the way to the gargoyle with Cillian close beside her.

Professor Snape looked up as she came to a halt by his desk. "I was wondering if you had time to help me, er, with my... lessons," she rambled as she caught her breath.

His eyes narrowed, a crease deepening between his brows. "Your lessons?"

"I – well, yes, for Defense, since you're so good at defense," she stammered, wishing Cillian hadn't followed her to the office. She wanted to get Severus to help her with Occlumency and needed him to leave.

Severus' lip curled slightly. "I'll be up as soon as I finish this."

Cillian raised an eyebrow as he regarded her.

"Okay. Good night, Cillian, I'll see you tomorrow. Severus, I'll..." Hermione wondered if she'd crossed a line she was not supposed to, or if she'd have to explain things to Cillian. She was not a good liar. "All right. I'll just go... practice."


Cillian drew Hermione's wand from his pocket and set it on Severus' desk. "Are you going to tell me what that was all about?"

"No," Severus replied, getting to his feet. "At least not until I figure it out."

"So you have no idea what she's talking about?" Cillian said, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes at his friend. "I'm perfectly capable of working with her on her Defense spells."

Severus laughed. "It was a diversionary tactic for 'I want to talk to you.' I can assume that Miss Weasley had something to tell Hermione."

"About Potter?" Cillian asked, angling his head slightly, his eyes still narrowed in suspicion.

"Possibly, but unlikely." Severus rose to his feet. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Oh, count on it!" Cillian said as he turned to let himself out.

"Hermione?" Severus called out as he entered the bedroom.

"Here," she said, climbing off the bed. "Is he gone?"

"Yes. Do you want to tell me what that was all about?" he answered smoothly. "He's now as suspicious as I am. What did Miss Weasley say about Potter?"

"Nothing!" she exclaimed and from the quickness of her reaction and her startled look, he knew she was telling the truth.

He waited, forcing her to fill the silence as he stared at her. When she did, it was not what he'd expected to hear.

"I'm going to have to see him again, aren't I? I mean, Christmas is only just a little over a month away, and I'm going to have to face him!"

"Yes, very likely," Severus said, crossing his arms.

"And I cannot close my mind! I cannot control my feelings, and I cannot block you!" she ranted while pacing.

Now was not a time to try teaching her, she was too riled up. "Hermione, if you want we can have more lessons, but until you learn to control your emotions..."

"And be shut off and cold like you? I can't do it!" She suddenly stopped and covered her mouth as she turned to face him, her eyes huge. "Oh, Severus, I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

He was smirking at her. "Oh course, you do. I take great pride in my ability to close myself off. It has saved me countless of times. I have learned to keep my face expressionless and my eyes penetrating but blank so as to properly terrorize students." And not to give anything away, he added mentally. "But you are not able to do this."

Her shoulders slumped as she sat on the bed. "I'm a failure."

"No, you're not. Not everyone can do it, Hermione. It's really quite hard to do, especially since you're the type of open, giving, caring person that you are. Draco can do it, but then his parents raised him to conceal his emotions and true feelings. You were not," he said smoothly. He sat down next to her. "I'll ask Dumbledore's portrait for advice on teaching you."

She looked up at him, and he hated the look of defeat in her eyes. "May I ask him? Maybe I misinterpreted something?"

He smiled and brushed her hair back from her face. "I doubt you have, but yes you may talk to him. However, not tonight. You need a clear head for this. Maybe tomorrow." He turned her face toward him and kissed her. "You'll get it. Someday it will just happen. You get so close now, and you are much faster at changing images or putting what you want to show me up front. And there are times I have to push fairly hard to get what I want."

"But you always get through," she said, although not as defeated as she'd sounded before.

"But you are improving," he replied and kissed her again. "I haven't written you off as a lost cause, yet."

Hermione rose to her feet and turned to face him, biting her lip. He looked at her, unsure what she wanted. She looked so adorable, uncertain, but obviously contemplating something. He'd seen this look in her eyes many times before. Then without saying anything, she climbed up on his lap. He grasped her bum to keep her from sliding off onto the floor as she cupped his face and kissed him. "Do you have anything that you need to do right now?" she asked, leaning back a little to look him in the eye.

He was stunned. She's initiating...! She wants me! She kissed him, and all other thoughts flew from his mind as her tongue touched his upper lip. He lay back on the bed, making her fall on top of him. "Nothing pressing at the moment," he replied, pushing her hair back so he could see her face.

Her hand slid down quickly to his crotch before his mind caught up to what she was doing. He hissed as her fingers slid up his erection.

"That's not true."

He smiled at her, and a soft groan of pleasure escaped his throat from what her touch was doing to his body. "Well, nothing currently that would take me away from you."

She started to fumble with his buttons. He had no idea what had spurred this on, but he was going to let her do whatever she wanted. He lay there, staring at her, his hands stroking her thighs as she slowly opened his clothes. He closed his eyes for a moment when her hands began to caress his skin. However, she didn't seem to be doing much of anything else, except playing with his chest hair and teasing his nipples. "You're going to drive me crazy, woman."

"I was only touching you," she said innocently.

He sat up, making her rise to stand in front of him as he stripped off his clothes. "Well, then let's give you more to touch."

She suddenly looked shy, curling her hair around a finger while she watched him.

He couldn't understand why she liked to just stand and watch him undress all the time. He laughed softly. "Allow me," he said, divesting her of her school robes.

Hermione backed up from him. He smirked as she removed her skirt and knickers. But then she tried to push him back onto the bed. Smirk spreading to an appreciative smile, he complied, landing as far back onto the mattress as his knees allowed him. She climbed up and straddled him with a mischievously playful grin. As if doing a strip tease for him, she rubbed her wet warmth on his co*ck, arousing him even further, while she slowly removed her blouse. He watched, running his hands all over her skin, amazed as each button revealed more of her luscious breasts while her rocking movements caressed his length with her wet heat. He fondled her lower lips as she shed her blouse, then reached behind and unhooked her bra. She closed her eyes and hissed when he stroked her sensitive spot, making his penis twitch against her. When she casually dropped her bra on the floor, he drank in the sight of her. "Put me inside you," he said, hoping it didn't sound like an order, but his mouth was dry and all his blood seemed to have gone south from his brain.

She smiled and clasped his hand in hers, bringing them down to his co*ck. "Help me?"

He didn't need to be asked twice.


In Muggle Studies, Alecto was still droning on about the animalistic and barbaric nature of Muggles, lecturing about the genocide of witches and wizards during the so-called witch-hunts as examples of Muggle atrocities against their own kind. She was particularly vocal about the Spanish Inquisition and the random purging of thousands of men and women accused as heretics during the Dark Ages.

Goyle, and occasionally Nott, had made several furtive glances in the direction of the Gryffindors, especially at Seamus and Hermione, although Crabbe and Pansy had been snickering during most of the lecture. During her revision time, Hermione had sat in the library grinding her teeth while writing an essay on the subject to appease Alecto. Draco had commented on her distracting him, then leaned over and asked her what her real opinion was. Ironically, even though they had gotten into a rather heated debate in hushed hissing tones, Draco had been surprisingly open-minded.

After two weeks of listening to lectures on the mass arrests, tortures, and killings during the Spanish Inquisitions, even Seamus and Neville were getting disgusted. Finally, Neville snapped. "But isn't that exactly what Voldemort is doing to the Muggle-borns?" Neville asked, without raising his hand.

Alecto was so angry, she whipped out her wand and cut his cheek with a Slicing hex as she screeched, "I am trying to enlighten you to the truth, you blood traitor!"

Cillian jumped to his feet and crossed the room, shouting, "That's enough, Alecto! You cannot slice and dice the students!"

"This is my classroom, and I will not tolerate insolence!" Alecto shouted, her wand pointing at Cillian.

He had his out as he approached where Hermione was leaning over Neville, trying to staunch the flow of blood with the edge of her robes. "I'm taking him to the hospital..."

Lavender pressed a wad of cloth into Hermione's hand, asking her how bad it was.

"He dared to say his name and question me! Me!" Alecto shouted, so mad there was spittle on her chin.

Cillian looked up, his eyes cold and hard. "I know! I heard exactly what was said – and done! I felt it – the same as you." He gripped Neville's arm, pulling him to his feet. "Let's go, Longbottom. Hermione, you're coming too." Alecto opened her mouth to protest, and he leveled his wand at her chest. "Now, Hermione. Mr. Finnigan will collect Mr. Longbottom's belongings, and Draco will collect yours."

Hermione urged Neville to wrap his arm across her shoulders as she supported him from the classroom. In the corridor, Cillian pulled out a flask of Dittany to staunch the blood flow and marched them up to see Madam Pomfrey.

Afterwards, Cillian took Hermione to the Headmaster's tower to change, growling, "It's not hers. Hermione, go change your bloody robes!" Snape had jumped to his feet the moment they entered his office. Hermione looked from Snape to Cillian, but the glower in Cillian's eyes made her hold her tongue, and she ran upstairs to change.

When she came back down, Snape was absent. Cillian caught her arm. "And where do you think you're going, eh?"

"I have – I," Hermione stammered, stunned by the hard coldness in his expression.

"You're staying here until lunch," he said, his lips curved in a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

Hermione looked at the door and back, confused. "I have Defense..."

Cillian chuckled, his shoulders relaxing but he was still angry. "Do you honestly think that after that display in Alecto's classroom, Amycus is going to let this go unpunished? You're staying here."

She felt like her stomach lurched. "But I didn't..."

"Mr. Longbottom did – on your behalf. Look, you're staying here. So go read something."

She nodded and dropped her bag. "Where is Professor Snape?"

Cillian looked up at Dilys Derwent's empty portrait. "He went to check on Mr. Longbottom."

She nodded solemnly and looked up at him, imploringly. "May I have my wand to practice my spells?"

"No," he said, urging her to go up to the sitting room with his hands. "You can read or revise – no wand."

Sighing, Hermione went back upstairs, hoping that Madam Pomfrey and Severus would be able to heal Neville's wound.


Neville was released Thursday. He had red scar that made Hermione cringe when she saw him. However, he merely shrugged off her concern. Snape kept her out of Defense Friday, using the class time to work on her Occlumency.

Hermione was getting frustrated with herself. If she was honest, she'd have to admit that she was failing at Occlumency – and she hated failing at anything. She pulled out all the books on the subject, stacking the ones that explained how to do it beside her and sat down with her quill. She started listing the key phrases from the books and placed a check by the ones the books repeated. The ability to extract feelings and memories – seals the mind against influence and intrusion... anger, hurt, happiness are the strongest... Shut down the feelings and emotions attached to certain memories... Close off your mind. Clear your mind. Remain focused and calm... visualize something calming or solid to repel the invasion... "Argh, I'm never going to get this!" she exclaimed, slamming the book closed.

"What are you doing?" Luna asked, sitting down demurely on the sofa behind her.

"It's something Professor Snape wants me to know," Hermione asked, startled to see her. "How did you..."

"Mr. Gwynek let me in," Luna said as she picked up a book from Hermione's pile and set it back down again. "Oh, that's why you wanted to do yoga. You haven't been back, so I thought you stopped because you didn't like it much. But it was nice doing it with you."

"I thought that it would help me to learn how to close my mind and empty my emotions," Hermione admitted, still disappointed in her lack of progress.

"That's not possible," Luna said, picking up another book. "Why try to empty them? They are part of you."

"But I have to clear my mind and empty my emotions to do Occlumency! The Dark Lord is a very strong Legilimens. I should know! When I face the Dark Lord, he'll be able to see anything he wants," Hermione admitted, looking at the book Luna was flipping through.

"Not so," Luna stated with a dreamy smile. "Show him what he wants to see, and he won't go digging through your mind to find what you don't want him to know."

"But that's the problem; I'm not supposed to let him see anything," Hermione said, exasperated with a sigh.

"But if you block him, he'll push. Show him what he wants – or what he thinks he wants. You don't have to show him the truth, just what he wants to know." Luna set the book aside and picked up a thin one. "What has he wanted to know about before?"

"He wanted to know about Harry's abilities, his spell work – how capable he is," Hermione admitted, turning sideways and resting an arm on the sofa. "Every time Harry failed at something and my daily activities."

Luna turned the book sideways. "And what did he see?"

"What I've been doing at school..." How I'm getting along with Draco. "Oh, Luna, you're brilliant!"

"You-Know-Who is egoistical, and he scoffs at love, right?" she asked and Hermione nodded. "Show him what he expects to see."

Hermione picked at a thread on the sofa. "But what if he wants to know about Professor Snape and me?"

Luna's grin turned into a huge knowing smile. "Show him."

Hermione looked up, gobsmacked. "What?"

"If he wants to see you and Professor Snape, give him flashes of you two together. If he wants to see anything about your parents, show him your memories with them – happy times. He'll pull back because those things will annoy him."

"That's brilliant, but really hard to do..." Hermione suddenly realized what Luna was saying. "Luna, do you know how to do Occlumency?"

"Oh, yes. My mother taught me how – well, in a way," she replied, her expression becoming wistful. "I have rooms that I put things in. Some doors are big and easy to open – some are really small or hidden, like the doors of this castle. Things I keep to myself are behind small doors or concealed ones. It's like a house with many rooms. I put like things together in rooms, and then I can remember them easier."

"I do that with books," Hermione said, and Luna co*cked her head. "I make books of things I want to remember. When I need to recall something I simply have to open the book I want." She looked at the books next to her. "So, I might be able to do that with memories?"

"Yes," Luna said, smiling. "But you have to keep it well organized or you'll forget things."

"Oh, I can do organized!" Hermione said with a chuckle.

"So, if someone was to try and enter your mind – they would have to find the right book. It's like if someone wants to see something I want kept private, they have to find the right door. Some doors are not easy to see," Luna explained.

Hermione rubbed a finger on her lower lip as she contemplated the idea. "So all I have to do is create a bunch of rooms, segregate my emotions and memories into categories and put them behind doors..."

"Takes practice, but you might have a problem. You use books," Luna stated, setting the book down on the pile. "It might be easiest to keep your books in a room, like a library, and segment other things by room, like private things between you and Professor Snape in a bedroom – you'd have to figure out what will work for you."

Hermione asked Peren to bring them tea and asked Luna how things were going for her. "It's tolerable. But I don't have the same problems you have. Oh, Neville showed me his scar. It looks much better. I'm sorry he has a scar, but it makes him look dangerous, kind of rakish and daring."

Hermione smiled despite herself. "I'll tell him you said so."

Later at dinner, Luna walked over to Hermione at the Gryffindor table. She reached into her bag and pulled out The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci, the Method of Loci, by Giordano Walberg and The Art of Memory by Dame Frances Amelia Yates. "Here." She leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Make your memory palace. Design a floor plan and make your rooms. Identify each specific location. Memorize your memory palace or floor plan. Then place the things you want to remember in each room. It helps to use a place or style you're familiar with. It takes some time, but it's easy."

"Thanks, Luna," Hermione said, giving her hand a squeeze. "Thank you."

Author's Notes:

And now you know a bit about Cillian. Yep, he was a Prefect!

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<p>Riddle of Occlumency</p> (2024)


What is the Occlumency spell? ›

Occlumency was the act of magically closing the mind against intrusion by Legilimency. Severus Snape attempted to teach Harry Potter how to close his mind to Voldemort but the lessons were fraught and Harry found it hard to completely clear his mind and prevent Snape from using Legilimency to access his thoughts.

What does Occlumency feel like? ›

The most basic form of Occlumency, judging from Severus Snape's early lessons on the subject to Harry Potter, involves clearing one's mind — making it "blank and empty" — in order to prevent a Legilimens from perceiving one's emotions and thoughts.

Was Draco Malfoy an Occlumency? ›

Voldemort and Snape underestimated Draco. He proved adept at Occlumency (the magical art of repelling attempts to read the mind), which was essential for the undercover work he had undertaken.

Why did Harry fail at Occlumency? ›

Harry was not able to repel most attacks, though it is likely that the personal enmity between him and Snape as well as the stressful events in his life that year hindered his ability; while Snape was not teaching in an encouraging way, Harry's climbing interests in Voldemort's repeated attempts at the Hall of Prophecy ...

What is Draco's Patronus? ›

Draco Malfoy's patronus is never mentioned in the Harry Potter series, and there is no canon information about what form it might take. However, some fans have speculated that his patronus could be a dragon, given his surname and his interest in dragons, which is shown in the series.

What is the Salvio Hexia spell? ›

Salvio Hexia is a defensive spell which presumably deflects hexes from the area. The caster must move their wand in a downwards direction in the opposite direction of their outward hand. The spell must be cast multiple times around an area to be successfully set to defend.

Who did Draco Malfoy bully? ›

Attitude toward Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy's gang often bullied Harry Potter near upcoming Quidditch games in an attempt to make him nervous. As the years went by, however, Harry became used to the teasing and often made amusing comebacks.

Is Draco smarter than Hermione? ›

Draco Malfoy is one of the most brilliant students at Hogwarts, only surpassed by Hermione Granger.

Is Draco Malfoy left-handed? ›

Despite being ambidextrous, before the accident, Draco always used his wand in his right hand and apparently it had bonded to his right, so that it didn't work anymore when used in his left hand.

Did Draco not recognize Harry? ›

Draco was extremely reluctant to identify any of them, he told the other Death Eaters present that he could not be sure that it was Harry. He did this despite Ron and Hermione's identities, at least, being obvious.

What happens to Umbridge? ›

After Voldemort's defeat by Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts and the restoration of the Ministry of Magic by the new Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Umbridge was sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban for her crimes against Muggle-borns.

What does the Oppugno spell do? ›

The Oppugno Jinx (Oppugno) is a spell that directs an object or individual to attack the victim. This jinx will cause conjured creatures or other moveable objects under the control of the caster to attack the target.

What does the Muffliato spell do? ›

The Muffliato Charm (Muffliato) was a charm used to fill the ears of any person in the vicinity of the caster with an unidentifiable buzzing sound so as to allow for conversation without being overheard, similar to the Imperturbable Charm.

What does the spell Rictusempra do? ›

The Tickling Charm (Rictusempra), also known as the Rictusempra Charm, is a spell that causes a victim to buckle with laughter. It also has at least two other side effects on the victim. It is usually used as a diversionary tactic in duels.

What does the spell Levicorpus do? ›

Levicorpus is a spell used to hang someone upside-down by their ankles in the air. It was invented by Severus Snape under the title of the Half-Blood Prince.

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