Oppugno Jinx (2024)

"Harry spun around to see Hermione pointing her wand at Ron, her expression wild: The little flock of birds was speeding like a hail of fat golden bullets toward Ron, who yelped and covered his face with his hands, but the birds attacked, pecking and clawing at every bit of flesh they could reach."

The Oppugno Jinx [1] (Oppugno) is a spell that directs an object or individual to attack the victim. This jinx will cause conjured creatures or other moveable objects under the control of the caster to attack the target.[2]


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Known uses[]

Dobby1992-1993 school yearThis was the spell used by Dobby in one of Harry Potter's Quidditch matches to cause the Bludger to follow him interminably.[3]
Lord Voldemort18 June, 1996This spell was used by Tom Riddle on the glass shards against Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter.[4]
Hermione GrangerFall 1996Hermione used this to set a flock of conjured canaries on Ron Weasley in 1996.[2]
Harry Potter2 September, 1997Harry used this spell non-verbally whilst escaping from Yaxley in the Ministry of Magic. The result was to cause the inserts for the Daily Prophet; which carried a picture of Harry with the headline "Undesirable No. 1"; to swarm on Yaxley and slow him down.[5]

Possible use[]

Minerva McGonagall2 May, 1998This may have been the spell Minerva McGonagall used during the Battle of Hogwarts to make a number of desks charge at the Death Eaters.


Oppugno is Latin, meaning "I assault".

Behind the scenes[]


Notes and references[]

Oppugno Jinx (2024)


What does oppugno mean in Harry Potter? ›

The Oppugno Jinx (Oppugno) was a jinx that directed an object or individual to attack the victim.

What does Leek jinx do? ›

The Leek jinx (incantation unknown) was a jinx that could be used to make leeks sprout from the victim's ears.

What are the painful jinxes in Harry Potter? ›

The Stinging Jinx (incantation unknown), also known as the Stinging Hex, was a Dark charm that could be used to sting the victim's flesh, producing a red brand like a scorch mark and causing swelling.

What is the Wadi Wazi spell? ›

“Waddiwasi” is a spell that is used to launch small objects into the air. The only time that it was ever used was to launch a piece of chewing gum.

What does Salvio Hexia mean? ›

Salvio Hexia: Gives some protection against minor hexes. From the Latin word salveo, meaning "to be in good health,", and a pseudo-Latin derivative of the English word hex. Scourgify: Cleans an object. Perhaps related to English scour, meaning "clean". -ify is a common English suffix meaning "to make".

What is Hermione's fire spell? ›

Hermione's de facto signature spell is 'Bluebell Flames', also known as 'Cold Flames'. The incantation is unknown but is at least 2 words long. Hermione uses it 4 times: Once to set Snape's robe on fire in the Slytherin-Gryffindor Quidditch Match in their 1st Year.

Is rictusempra sneaky? ›

The Sneaky stance includes options like throwing a vial, and casting spells like Rictusempra.

What does Impedimenta jinx do? ›

A jinx that stops or slows down people or creatures, Impedimenta temporarily immobilises an attacker offering the spell caster a chance to escape.

Is incendio aggressive or sneaky? ›

The Aggressive stance includes offensive spells such as Expelliarmus and Incendio.

What spell did Snape heal Draco? ›

Vulnera Sanentur was the song-like incantation of a healing spell which was used to heal deep wounds, which could also be used as the counter-curse for the curse Sectumsempra.

Did Malfoy know it was Harry? ›

Yes Draco knew it was Harry Potter but the 'good' in him won over the 'bad' and he acts confused. Latter Harry asks Draco why didn't he reveal Harry's identity to which Malfoy acts indifferently.

Is Rictusempra a jinx? ›

Overview. Rictusempra is a jinx which attempts to disable a witch or wizard by tickling him or her.

What spell did Lupin use on peeves? ›

Yes, this is the smart little spell that Professor Lupin uses on Peeves when the poltergeist tries to put chewing gum in a keyhole. Simply cast Waddiwasi and the chewing gum will shoot up the poltergeist's nostril.

What does the felifors spell do? ›

The Felifors Spell (Felifors) was a transforming spell that turned cats into cauldrons. It was covered in Transfiguration classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If performed improperly, the cauldron could still have a tail.

What is the Mobilicorpus spell? ›

Mobilicorpus was the incantation of a charm which was used to move bodies by suspending them a few inches above the air.

What does Anapneo mean in Harry Potter? ›

Anapneo was the incantation of a healing spell and charm that cleared the target's airway by vanishing whatever the target was choking on.

What does Densaugeo mean in Harry Potter? ›

Densaugeo is a spell that's often used against an enemy and that targets physical appearance. However, this one is even stranger. This jinx causes the target's teeth to keep growing larger and larger.

What spell did Ron try to use on Nagini? ›

Ron Weasley On Nagini (The Killing Curse)

The curse just seems to go through Nagini like it's nothing whatsoever. Yet Neville Longbottom then has his golden moment, using the sword of Godric Gryffindor to decapitate Lord Voldemort's pet and destroy the Dark Lord's Horcrux in the process.

What is the spell Oppugno in Hogwarts legacy? ›

Oppugno is a Essential Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Oppugno allows the player to command a group of creatures or animals to attack a specific target. It can be used as a combat tactic to summon allies and aid in battle, or as a diversionary tactic to distract enemies.

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