Kayn (2024)

la Guadaña de las Sombras


Shieda Kayn, un practicante sin par de la mortífera magia sombría, lucha por alcanzar su verdadero destino: llegar a guiar algún día a la Orden de la Sombra hacia una nueva era de supremacía jonia. Empuña la oscura arma viviente Rhaast, impasible ante...

Kayn (2024)


How does red Kayn and blue Kayn work? ›

Kayne gains passive stacks from doing damage to enemy champions. Red stacks against meele champs, blue stacks against ranged champions. Once he has enough stacks of ethier or both, he can transform.

Why does Kayn transform? ›

Kayn cannot choose a form if he is unable to cast abilities. The transformation will grant a passive bonus and permanently empower some of Kayn's abilities based on the form chosen. He gains a one-time Homeguard once the transformation is complete.

What difficulty is Kayn? ›

His mechanics are fairly easy. But understanding his early game and the capability of both forms can take a bit. Medium skill floor.

Does Kayn respect Zed? ›

He does respect Zed more than anyone. Zed is probably the only person Kayn respect and look up to.

Why does Kayn have blue hair? ›

The blue streak in Kayn's hair is the result of using Rhaast. Rhaast's corruption of Kayn's left arm is able to be reverted back to normal by either Rhaast's or Kayn's will.

Is Kayn evil in lore? ›

He is part of Zed's cult and stuff, though that wouldn't make him automatically evil, like Talon who is a Noxian assassin, but has a sort of code of honor.

Did they buff Kayn? ›

Buffed Red Kayn Ultimate

The Rhast variant of Kayn's ult, Umbral Trespass, previously healed him for 65% of the pre-mitigated damage dealt. The rework elevates this value to 75%, further bolstering his survivability in the thick of battle.

Is Kayn weak early game? ›

Jungle Path

However, Kayn is not the strongest champion in the early game, so you want to fully clear the jungle to get Level 5 as soon as possible, then look to gank to start getting orbs from enemy champion so you can quickly get to your transformation.

Is Kayn a full clear? ›

The Beginner Kayn Jungle Path is a full jg clear that starts on the Red Buff, with you unlocking Reaping Slash at level one.

Is Kayn better than Yone? ›

Based on the analysis of 367 matches in Emerald + in Patch 14.11, Kayn has a 100.0% win rate against Yone in the Top, which is 54.5% lower than expected win rate of Kayn. This means that Kayn is more likely to lose the game against Yone than on average.

Is Kayn strong late game? ›

He scales extremely well into the late-game. He scales pretty/very well into the late-game.

Who can counter Kayn? ›

Based on our analysis of 21 050 matches, the best counters for Kayn roleName are Amumu, Kindred, Nocturne, Xin Zhao and Master Yi. On the other hand, Kayn roleName counters Sylas, Jax, Wukong, Lee Sin and Sejuani.

Is Kayn a fighter or assassin? ›

HP655 (+ 99)
26 more rows

When play red or blue Kayn? ›

I've mostly based it off if my team has any tanky characters or if the enemy team has any high health enemies I'll go red, and if they're full of squishy targets I'll go blue.

Does Kayn start red or blue buff? ›

The Beginner Kayn Jungle Path is a full jg clear that starts on the Red Buff, with you unlocking Reaping Slash at level one. After killing the Red Buff and reaching level two, you'll want to level up Blade's Reach (or Reaping Slash) and head over to the Krugs camp & clear them.

How do you play Kayn combo? ›

Engage at max range by using Q towards your target, then instantly use W and R as soon as it lands, then Q back onto your target. When dueling someone in melee range AA Q AA then double tap R to stay on your target. AA W for the slow followed by another AA Q AA.

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