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Service price list Venetian Nail Spa (Coral Gable)

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Nail Salon

Acrylic nails

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Beauty Salon

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Reviews about Venetian Nail Spa (Coral Gable)


11 reviews

Probably the worst and most expensive pedicure I've ever received. Menu states that the pedicure
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Madeline B. March 4, 2021 Source

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I came here to try it out as I have heard good things
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Scarleth L. February 13, 2021 Source

This was my first time getting dip and i'm so in love with my nails.
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Andrea R. February 6, 2021 Source

Alyssia made my nails today Super friendly and professional, the salon is very clean and
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Luisa L. February 4, 2021 Source

I use to come to this location years ago and I liked it. NOW- this
Show full text

Nancy C. January 12, 2021 Source

I'm not really sure how I feel about my experience. I was looking forward to
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Beatriz L. December 17, 2020 Source

I got dip and i am very satisfied with the outcome. I would suggest you
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Hannah P. December 13, 2020 Source

I was in a rush and went here, I should have listened to the reviews.
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Kristiana K. December 12, 2020 Source

I love to go there. Staff is always friendly! Just think they need to be
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Thaís B. September 19, 2020 Source

Came here last minute after shopping at 7pm. They said they were closing at 8
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Maria Z. February 8, 2020 Source

Great location and decoration but when I went to get a manicure pedicure the lady
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Chelsea Valle September 4, 2017 Source

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Venetian Nail Spa (Coral Gable)

Venetian Nail Spa (Coral Gable) - 11 Reviews, Price, Map, Address in Miami | (28)

Map location

Phone number

(786) 599-121... show

Working hours

mon-sat: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM, sun: 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Miami, FL 33145, 3301 Coral Way #104B, Miracle Marketplace


Coconut Grove

Douglas Road

Venetian Nail Spa (Coral Gable) - 11 Reviews, Price, Map, Address in Miami | (2024)
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