Thought-Provoking Verity Book Club Questions (+PDF) (2024)

Explore thought-provoking Verity book club questions here. This shocking thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover has had millions of readers talking. You’ll foster meaningful discussion and get free printable book club questions and a bingo card to prepare for your in-person book club. Get started below.

Thought-Provoking Verity Book Club Questions (+PDF) (1)

This special edition contains a new bonus chapter!

Verity Book Club Questions

Colleen Hoover noted in the Special Edition of Verity that she had expected Verity to be a smaller, niche release that her readers wouldn’t gravitate towards. Instead, it became a massive success over several years of time. What do you attribute to its widespread success?

Verity begins “with a bang” — literally. Discuss how the opening scene sets the stage for the book.

The name Verity means “truth.” What do you make of this?

If you have read any other Colleen Hoover books, how is Verity both similar and different?

Many readers consider Verity to be one of the best Colleen Hoover books (if not THE best). Do you agree or disagree?

What genre and sub-genre would you classify Verity as?

Do you think the Vermont setting of the Crawford home has significance?

Why do you think Jeremy selected Lowen to ghostwrite for Verity?

What caused Jeremy to fall for Lowen, and was he justified in doing so?

What caused Lowen to fall for Jeremy, and was she justified in doing so?

What role does Crew play in the plot?

How did your status either as a parent or not a parent affect your reading of the graphic scenes involving Verity’s pregnancy and the deaths of her children?

In many ways, can be seen as a book about the motivations of the characters. Discuss each of their motivations for their actions and inactions.

Discuss whether each main character was ultimately good or evil.

Was Verity faking her injuries?

Who is the real villain in Verity?

Who is telling the truth in Verity?

Are Lowen and the Crawford family “Chronics” who experience above-average amounts of trauma, or is something else at the root of their circ*mstances?

The plot of Verity is pretty wild and intense. Did you find it to be believable?

Readers often react to Verity with one powerful word. Describe your reaction after finishing Verity in one word.

Many readers read Verity in one sitting, one day, etc. Was it an unputdownable book for you too?

Verity contains many very graphic and erotic scenes. What are your thoughts on this?

Are Lowen and Jeremy in love or bound by their circ*mstances?

If you had to pick one, do you consider Verity to be the story of Verity’s life as the titular character or Lowen’s life as the narrator?

Verity is widely considered to be a very “different” type of thriller. Have you read any other books like Verity?

Were you surprised by what became of Verity at the end of the book?

Verity called the writing at issue “So Be It.” Why do you think she chose this title?

The ultimate question: was Verity’s writing a fictional manuscript or an autobiography?

Did you read the extra chapter of Verity in the 2022 Special Edition of Verity? If so, discuss your thoughts on the new trajectory of the book.

Verity has an open ending. If you were to write the sequel to Verity, in what direction would you take the story?

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Verity Discussion Questions

Thought-Provoking Verity Book Club Questions (+PDF) (2)


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Why Verity Is A Good Book Club Book

  • New York Timesbestseller
  • USA Todaybestseller
  • Publishers Weeklybestseller

My Review: ★★★★★

Verity is a popular book club book just begging for discussion. I read it on a plane in one sitting and, after it ended, I was left with only one thought, “OMG!” I could not believe what I was reading and the twists it took until the very end. (Talk about a book hangover.)

Quick Plot Summary

Verity is about the (fictional) author Verity Crawford, who has sustained terrible injuries in an accident and cannot complete her books. So, her seemingly doting husband, Jeremy, hires struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh to act as a ghostwriter.

As Lowen sorts through Verity’s materials, she finds Verity’s autobiography, which is filled with an array of chilling events sure to make you gasp, including disturbing admissions about her twin girls, who each died at young ages under different circ*mstances.

At the same time, Lowen develops feelings for Jeremy, and strange things happen, leaving you questioning everything you thought you knew about Verity.

This leads the book Verity to one very suspenseful and shocking conclusion that leaves readers wanting more.

Reading Tips

  • Note that Verity has many graphic and disturbing scenes. (The only other one by Colleen Hoover that’s nearly as disturbing is Too Late.) Get more detailed trigger warnings for Verity, one of Hoover’s most spicy books.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Verity a good book club book?

Yes, Verity is a popular book club book by Colleen Hoover that offers shocking twists and turns, garners emotional reactions, and has an open ending that readers love to debate.

What is the main message of Verity?

Verity by Colleen Hoover is a thriller about the differences between perception and reality, both in writing and life. At issue are whether the titular character’s injuries are real and whether her writing is fact or fiction.

What is the moral of the book Verity?

Verity by Colleen Hoover explores the morality and consequences of actions. It probes into Verity’s most sinister actions and the ethical problems faced by Lowen, who struggles with understanding them.

What is the lesson in Verity?

Verity by Colleen Hoover shows the ethical complexities of seeking the truth and the consequences of revealing secrets. It emphasizes the importance of moral judgment and the effects of our decisions.


These Verity book club questions help you plunge into a satisfying psychological thriller. As your book club navigates this suspenseful page-turner, these questions will foster controversial discussions about what’s fact versus fiction as each chapter unfolds.

Keep the discussion going!Share your thoughts onVerity or any remaining questions you have in the comments below.



Thought-Provoking Verity Book Club Questions (+PDF) (5)

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Thought-Provoking Verity Book Club Questions (+PDF) (2024)
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